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About The-Artshop


Every deviation is this group is available for sale as a print. Take a look through our beautiful galleries. We feature tradition, digital, and photographic art. We're just starting up at the moment, but hopefully we'll eventually have a very broad selection of great prints!

If you have prints you'd like to promote here, by all means! Suggest them. Just a few rules:
> No pornography and nothing gratuitously macabre.
> Be quality conscious.
> You must own the rights the the work completely. (No fanart, I'm afraid).
> Every submission must be available as a print.
And that's it. We retain the right to deny art, but do not like to do so. If you don't know which folder to put your deviation in, place it in other media.

We feature artists who take commissions. There is a gallery devoted to commission journals.

If you do not do prints, or if your work is derivative or literary, we might still be happy to feature your work in our associated Art Review, The Art Spot. (…) Due to the lack of thumbs for basic groups, it is being run through the profile of the founder/editor. If you would like us to feature something in the review, work up a small feature, or 'spot'. It should:
> Have a theme
> A title
> At least a tiny bit of commentary
> At least 50% should be the work of others
> It should hold to reasonable standards of wholesomeness and high quality.
Arrange your thumbs and commentary into a note and send it to the group. It's perfectly fine to send in a feature you've also posted in your own journal. We'll mention that it was originally posted on your profile in the 'spot'. Your name will be kept on the 'spot' in either case, and will go in the list of that month's journal contributors. Just as with deviation submissions, we retain the right to refuse any feature submission, or any part of a submission. But keep the features and clean and excellent, and we'll certainly accept them!

So! Feel free to shop, look for commission offers, suggest deviations, send features, post art related journal entries, or just generally hang around.

Thanks for visiting!

Gallery Folders

the dark by sandara
On the Golden Distant Shore by uxmal750ad
303 by ElyneNoir
green patches by greendragon-gecko
Paintings - Landscapes
Hazy Morning by AnnMarieBone
On a way to a beacon by hitforsa
Kids from Mont St. Michel, 36x51cm by NiceMinD
Paintings - People
Paintings - Fantasy
Paintings - Other
Perception by Psyxis
sheepherder by yinyuming
Old Bridge by DChernov
Photography - Nature
Vivid Forest by EmMelody
Grasses At Dusk by EmMelody
Morning Silence II by 1darkstar1
Forest Mist by 1darkstar1
Photography - Other
Sundays Peace by 1darkstar1
Photography - Urban
Digital Art - Fantasy
White Crystal Dragon by sandara
the dark by sandara
Digital Art - Space and Sci-fi
Behold 2 by cosmicspark
Digital Art - Other
Sister Planet by uxmal750ad
Other Media
  Julian Assange by mikevectores

It is currently trendy to hate  Julian Assange.   It is currently correct - even among, in fact especially among 'free-thinking liberals' - to say that speaking ugly truths about political figures is a form of unacceptable political discourse, that to risk changing minds by using facts is bad, that citizens should just believe what they're told.  
Thank-goodness not everyone thinks so.  
Assange's Wikileaks has released countless secret documents about the powerful in our world, and revealed terrible things.  Things we needed to know.  Without him, many things now brought to light would still be in the dark.
He has been 'wanted' for years.  Many have talked about just killing him.  Hillary Clinton wanted to drone strike him.  All for the terrible crime of revealing crime.
He hasn't been seen in over a month.


                             Featured from ‘The-Artshop'                             

Into that Dream by Psyxis340 by ElyneNoirsheepherder by yinyuming
Autumn Ireland by 1darkstar1 The Crucible by cosmicspark Mountain Views by 1darkstar1

 Warm Sunset by 1darkstar1  Morning Dew by 1darkstar1

Written in Wind by Miguel-Santos  Sunset  in Poland by Haiburidd0

 the dark by sandara
All these artworks are available as prints on deviantart.



The Art Spot is a monthly art review associated with The-Artshop, which features the month’s new prints from the group and a variety of artwork from around Deviantart.

Editor: CharlottaRose


      Regular 'Spots'                                                                                                                   Single Features

  1. Featured from theArtShop                                                                                                  None this month (Your credited feature here)
  2. Contents
  3. The Word Nook 
  4. The Fanart Corner 
  5. Mass Effect Chronicles 
  6. The Showcase 

Features wanted!

We are looking for 5 types of features.
  1. Theme features:  These should have been five and twelve deviations.  They should have a title, a distinct theme, and preferably some form of commentary.  Up to 50% of the deviations can be your own.
  2. Deviation features: These should focus particularly on one deviation and amount to a serious critique or review of it.  Secondary deviations can be included, but only if they are relevant to the discussion about the primary (contrast, comparison, et cetera).  Up to 50% of the secondary deviations can your own.  The primary should be another's.
  3. Series features:  These should feature a series - literature or visual both, completed or in progress.  They can be your own or another's.
  4. Deviant features: Feature another Deviant.
  5. New Group features: Feature a group with under 100 watchers.
All features must be of high artistic quality.
To submit a feature, go to The-Artshop and send us a note with the deviations and textual commentary of your feature.
It is perfectly okay to send us something you've already put up on your profile.  The more exposure, the better, right?

The-Artshop retains the right to screen all submissions for high quality.

To subscribe to this monthly review, follow The-Artshop, then if you like, go to your notifications, and alter your settings to follow only the journal.



The Word Nook

Deviant Literature



The Fanart Corner

Illustrating the World of Stories

The Dark Knight by matty17art   rider by LiigaKlavina    Severus Snape by Dhesia  Batman by Memed  Tarzan by Jakdaw
Jedi Master Spock by Rabittooth



Mass Effect Chronicles

A monthly feature celebrating Bioware’s beloved space epic.  Intended to be enjoyable to all, gamer or no.

THE SHEPARD: Canto 2 ~ The Citadel by CharlottaRose

We burst on vista of lavendar light.
The great Serpent Nebula's glowing alight
With the blazing of stars in their infancy
Young starlets and white, old vapours and bright
Radiant purple transparency.
Wreathed in the mists of this wavering cloud
Floats a vast silver structure, ancient and proud.
From a huge central ring, five wings fly out
Long, smooth, and curved, revolving about.
We skim through the billows, plunge through the veils
Towards this, the Citadel, rich of old tales...

     Read More 

Next Month: The Search in Artemis Tau

Me (1) 26 by SunnyK30 Me (1) 17 by SunnyK30
Spectre by GSJennsen 



 The Showcase 

   Exploring by shalizeh

In the bright and often garish and trivial world of Mass Effect fanart, Shalizeh's beautiful painting both stands out ... and sticks around, long after others are forgotten.  Here is no climactic moment, no, nor moment of passion or triumph.  It is a quiet moment.  The type of moment which could be easily forgotten in an hour's time by some, but treasured forever by others.  It's very quietness is part of its beauty.  Amidst the great deeds and high passions of the futuristic epic, the beauty and glory of the story world itself is sometimes overlooked - not by the story, to be sure, but by those who experience it.  But artwork like this pierces deeper into it, draws us further into that glory, than the story initially did itself, not only for it's own beauty, but that it reminds us (or at any rate, reminds me) to do the same myself.  Paintings like this Explore the wonders of the story itself, just as the characters within it explore world.

And simply as a portrayal of the theme 'exploration' it is magnificent.  It is very wisely that Shalizeh has laced the bright world in mist, now revealing, now concealing in brightness the unknown world before them, now dropping it away into the shadow entirely.  Yet far from being a meaningless haze, the bright glimpses are sharp and clear behind their veils.  The closer one looks, the more real the distant hillsides seem to be.  A harsh world, true.  Not a world of men.  The living creatures hide behind their life-saving masks, not exposing their faces to the hostile wind which drifts the sand across their boots.  And yet a bright and glorious world all the same.  They do not stand huddled together, nor facing onward with dogged displeasure.  Wrex stares out across the valley.  Tali meanders almost dreamily towards the rising sun (for rising it looks as though it must be).  We cannot see what Shepard is looking at, but she gazes forward with her head held high, looking out on the vistas beyond out view.  It is not a world of men, but it doesn't have to be.  Most of the universe is not.  For how many millennia have the sands drifted across that slope and never once been touched by a living foot till now?  How many times has that sun risen, and never once been seen by living eyes?

As one looks out into the valley and across the rugged foothills beyond, tracing their ridges and gullies up to the peaks and the bright sky beyond (and indeed, one could do this for a while) one notices numerous small imperfections almost, across the land and sky.  Is that a twin planet?  Or a moon?  Or is it much nearer, between us and the sky?  I don't know whether it was intended or not - but when I gaze at the picture long enough I seem to be looking through a mask, as though I too were standing there on that alien hillside with them.  And I wonder whose eyes I looking through.

Though I don't know whether this was meant or not, I find it a most pleasing way to look into the picture.  The only difficulty is that one then feels one should be able to turn one's head.  And of course, one can't.

In the blaze of the light one scarcely sees them at first, but above are the stars from which they came, still visible though the thin atmosphere in the low morning light.  Even in the brightness of the sunlight the vast cold heights of space seem very near.  And so they are.  In a short time, these explorers will be gone again, back into space.  And this distant valley will be as it was before.

In all, this is one of the richest and subtlest Mass Effect works it has been my pleasure to see.  Thank-you, Shalizeh, for sharing it with us.

Here are some other beautiful works by this artist:

Sharing Stories by shalizeh  Omega by shalizeh  The Herald by shalizeh  Teamwork by shalizeh

The showcase is also featured on the blog Of Stars and Ships and Meadows Green


Feature Suggestion? Note the Editor.

General Comments and ideas? Comment Below.

Like a work? Follow the Link and tell the Artist.

Thank-you to all artists featured herein for their beautiful deviations.

And thanks for Reading!

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